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National Aviation University
Security of Information and Communication Systems
September 2007


June 2012

About candidate

Hello! My name is Yullia. I am 32 years old and I am from Ukraine, Kyiv. Currently, I am staying in Portugal. I’ve moved here 3 months ago because of the war in Ukraine. Also, I am looking for a job at that moment, because I want to stay in Portugal for a long time. In Kyiv, I was working as a public servant in a State administration and I provided passport services. Also, I was working with foreigners, their residents and working contacts. So English in my previous job also was mandatory. At this moment my English level is Upper-Intermediate. Also, I have a huge experience working with people face to face. Because I was responsible also for reception work in our center. And I was consulting people with all the services that they can get in our center. When you work with a big amount of people and you have a large department so you have to be a team player. So I guess, I am a team player. I am very responsible and attentive to detail. In my free time, I like to play tennis. I usually go to the gym and travel around Europe.

Work experience

Obolon District State Administration in Kyiv,
Center of Administrative Services,


Providing passport services, accepting documents, checking documents for ID cards, international passports, reception duties, consulting work with people about administrative public services, analytic work with documents, preparing reports, general paperwork.

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Yuliia Sh.

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