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Hello, my future employer! I am Julia. I am Ukrainian, 34 years old. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. First of all, I graduated in foreign languages. My primary language was English, and then German and Italian. So, I started my career at one of the Ukrainian schools, and then as an organizer. I worked with kids. Then I moved to Turkey for 2 seasons. I worked as a sports and kids animator. Then I moved to South Korea. So, Ive been dreaming about it for a long time. And finally, I moved there and lived there for 3 years. I worked as a babysitter, a hostess, and a customer service representative for Wifi Korea, but I worked only with foreigners. So my level of Korean is survival level basic, I can explain what I want, and I can get what I want, but Im not capable to maintain a big discussion. Then I moved back to Ukraine and since. After that, I worked mostly remotely. I had marketing jobs, then copywriting jobs, and customer service for American brands but over the phone. What did I realize is that I miss working with people live. I miss that energy, I miss socializing, I miss seeing them, and so on. Due to my long experience, huge experience with foreigners of different nationalities. Im always very polite and patient. I like problem-solving, so I don’t believe in such a thing as a problem. I think every problem is a possibility in disguise, so if we solve it, then we expand or we improve or something in this way. What about me, what else, I am very positive and have a positive attitude towards almost everything. And I like being helpful and useful, so hopefully, I can be a great help to your company and leave choice, a significant choice there. Thank you.

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Assistant Marketer
Copywriter, English Language
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Yuliia S.

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