Yuliia R.













Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine”
Faculty of Finance and Entrepreneurship, Master’s Degree



About candidate

Hello, my name is Yulia. I’m from Ukraine. I want to tell you about my working experience, and about my education. I have a master’s degree in finance. I started my working experience in a tourist agency as an office manager. After a few years, I moved to China, Shanghai. I lived there for six years and worked for an advertising company as an assistant. For the last few years, I had been working for a group of companies ALAN Ukraine in Kyiv. I was an executive assistant for the head manager. So I want to tell you about my responsibilities, about my duties in this company: distribution reception, distribution in the document flow, reception visitors customers, communication with them, providing everything necessary, with employees or with staff managers. Also searching and monitoring necessary information, internal support for top managers, preparation reports, documents flow, interaction with providers, providing solving everyday problems of office, providing everything necessary to the office, and to our employees. So, due to the situation in my country, I decided to continue my life in Europe, and now I’m searching for a job in Europe. And I’m very interested in this position in this job. I can say about myself that I’m a disciplined and responsible person. I’m a quick learner, I have a passion for work, and I try always to provide excellent service to the customers. So I want to say you big thank you for giving me an opportunity to leave an interview!

Work experience

Lan Ukraine
Head's Assistant

Reception and distribution of incoming calls and documentation. Negotiation and business correspondence. Setting appointments, organizing business meetings, meetings. Communication with visitors and clients. Maintaining the manager's calendar, managing the list of tasks, reminders. Travel support. Handling personal tasks and instructions of the head. Monitoring and analysis of the necessary information. Search for new suppliers if necessary. Preparation of reports, reports.

V&L International Management, China
Head's Assistant

Booking tickets, hotels, transfers for the whole team. Personal errands (order/delivery of food, flowers, gifts, etc.). Selection/meeting and coordination of all project participants. Interaction with service providers (courier, postal services, etc.). Arrangement of meetings, negotiations. Expense reporting. Maintaining the order and activity of the filming location.

Head's Assistant, Office Manager

Reception and distribution of incoming calls and documentation. Arrangement of appointments, business meetings. Reception of visitors and clients. Organization of business trips (remote solution of travel issues). Work with office equipment. Providing the office and employees with the necessary supplies. Development of routes, booking of tours, hotels, tickets, excursions, transfers, car rental. Work with primary documentation (contracts, invoices, acts). Monthly reporting.

Thank you

Yuliia R.

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