Yana V.











English B2


Pavel Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University
Foreign Language Teacher Education
September 2013


June 2019

About candidate

Hello, my name is Yana and I’d like to present myself. I want to tell you about my work experience. In the past, when I was living in Ukraine, in Kyiv. I was working as an English teacher in two English schools. I provided individual lessons although as group lessons for children, teenagers, and adults. Moreover, I worked with corporate clients, with different companies, and with constructive companies where I had different courses at different levels. Like business English, advanced English, Different levels of Intermediate, Pre-Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and so on and so Then after some time, because of some circumstances like family circumstances and because of the situation with Coronavirus I had to move abroad and I’m right here in Portugal. I started working as an English tutor I provided lessons for Ukrainians. After some time, I decided to integrate into Portuguese society. And that’s why I started working as a waitress in a restaurant nearby. I’ve got lots of experience. Because I’ve got the experience in how to work with Portuguese, how to work with clients, how to serve them, and how to deal with some kinds of problems that can occur at work. And I improved my Portuguese skills, my language skills I finally started speaking Portuguese. I can say that I speak Portuguese as well as I speak English, so fluently with no difficulties. Of course, sometimes I feel that I struggle, I feel that I do not have enough vocabulary to express everything that I want to say. But I can say that I understand everything and I can conduct basic conversations about life, weather, work, and so on and so for. But I want to change my job because I feel that I can like it’s not enough for me that I cannot express everything that I have or all my potential, all my talents, all my abilities there. And I would like to work with your company, at your hotel. According to my strong points, I can say that I have good communicative skills and that I do not get panicked, or stressed when I have stressful situations or some kinds of problems that can occur at work. And according to the negative points, That’s my lack of knowledge of Portuguese, I mean like I still do not speak Portuguese as well as I want to speak, what else? And I do not experience in this sphere Because, the truth to be told, That I’ve never worked as a hostess I’ve never worked as a receptionist. But, I can say that I am a very responsible person I am always ready to develop myself, to develop my skills, to learn something new, and I am ready and I promise to put all my efforts into this sphere, into learning, into upgrading my skills to summarize. What I want to say is that I want to work with your company Because for me it’s very important the environment where I work for me it’s very important to work in comfort, with a comfortable environment with professionals, with high quality, Because it’s like a comfort for me. And I like to work with clients, I like to communicate with people Like to communicate with different people with the foreigners, with the guests, with clients. It’s not difficult for me. I feel enjoyment, I get enjoyment out of this work. And one more time, I’m ready to put all my efforts and I hope that it will be enough to become the perfect candidate No, not just a candidate. To become the perfect employee at your company, at your hotel Thank you for your attention I think that’s it.

Work experience

Tasquinha da Irina
Restaurant Waitress
May 2022-present

Participated in dining room sidework such as refilling condiment bottles, preparing menus and arranging silverware packages, performed dining room sanitation tasks such as spill cleanup, table sterilization and removal of apparent waste or refuse, arranged and prepared tables for customers to offer memorable experiences to guests, completed credit payments via card processing systems, supervised restocking of salad bar and buffet for lunch and dinner service.

English Prime
English Teacher
July 2018-February 2020

Successfully improved Ukrainian-speaking students' English grammar and vocabulary levels through written and interactive activities worked one-on-one with students needing individualized attention and developed with special learning plans for struggling people planned and implemented lessons to positively increase vocabulary and sentence structure skills, evaluated student progress to offer recommendations for further development, kept classroom organized, clean and safe for all students and visitors, prepared and implemented lesson plans covering required course topics, employed visual and auditory approaches to make lessons more interesting and interactive for students, participated in employee team meetings to discuss student performance and academic achievement.

English Today
English Teacher
January 2018-May 2018

Utilized multimedia strategies and technology to convey information in fresh and interesting ways, challenged and engaged students through in-depth lectures, debates, and discussions and literary subjects, prepared lesson plans for over 30 classes per week to accommodate students with varying proficiency levels, led interesting and diverse group activities to engage students in the course material.

Pasta | Live Cafe
June 2017-August 2017

Cleaned outdoor eating area and indoor dining room by wiping tables, placing trash in receptacles and restocking napkin dispensers answered questions, and helped customers select optimal meal choices based on individual preferences greeted new customers, discussed specials, took drink orders and built immediate positive connections with guests, collected credit card, cash, and gift certificate payments from customers and made proper change for cash transactions collaborated with kitchen staff to correctly update customers on unavailable dishes and wait times, set dining tables to prepare for diverse types of events and follow strict service standards, folded napkins, and prepared silverware sets to provide adequate supply for host station, prepared hot and cold beverages to the highest standard.

Thank you

Yana V.

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