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Hi everyone! My name is Viktoriia, and I’m 26 years old. I came from Ukraine. First of all, I am a sociable person. I like meeting new people, communicating with them, and finding out about their culture and mindset. Furthermore, I am a kind person. I never hurt people and I always try to help them. I am a responsible person. I always try to do my best and do my job so that other people are happy with me. I am a polite person because I am sure that everyone should be polite to each other and respect each other. Talking about my work experience, I was a hostess for Microsoft, for Heiniken, for Svitoch events and I worked in Gulliver, it’s a large shopping center. But that was when I was a student. My main expertise is in teaching. I am a professional teacher and since 2015 I have been working as an educator and I have got several certificates. I’ve got TCT, and CI that claims my level in English as C1. I’ve got also SELTP. So I’ve got quite huge experience teaching English to children, teenagers, and adults. But I would like to have something for a change, that’s why I want to apply for new positions. I love traveling, I adore the sea. I like coffee so probably I would like to try a job as a barista, for example. I love extreme sports. I’ve tried snowboarding, skydiving, scuba diving, rock climbing, wakeboarding, and even bungee jumping and hitchhiking. So I am waiting for your offers, thanks a lot for your attention and have a wonderful day!

Work experience

Cambridge Club
Teacher, Trainer

Teach children, teenagers, and adults English, hold webinars for teachers, and hold and take international exams.

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Viktoriia S.

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