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University of Linguistics
Bachelor’s degree in English and German translators


About candidate

Hello, I’m Valeriia Vilkova and I’m from Ukraine. Now I live in Porto, Portugal, but I can move in any city in Portugal. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and German translators, so I like learning foreign languages. I have an experience working as bartender, waitress and a cashier. So I have experience in customer service.I know how to communicate with customers.I was working in Dubai for six months as a waitress. It was a great opportunity for me, because I worked in exhibition 2020. And I had a lot of responsibilities at my work, not only as a waitress, I had responsibilities as a hostess as well.I was greeting our customers. I had calls about reservations. So I have an experience working as a hostess. Also I was working in a hotel in Bulgaria as a bartender and server. And I was working in Germany for three months in a fast food restaurant. As for me that, I really like working in the hospitality business, because I like meeting new people, I like to communicate with them, I like improving my language skills.So I would really enjoy to work as a hostess. And I’m very easygoing, I’m very sociable and I have a very strong stress resistance. And I know it’s very important for work in hospitality business, because everyone knows that sometimes it’s difficult to work with customers, but for me it’s not a problem. I’m always very kind and I’m super friendly and it’s very easy to work with me, because I always listen to other people, to my managers, to my colleagues. But sometimes it’s my weakness. Sometimes it’s very difficult for me to ask for help, because I’m used to do everything by myself. So I think this work would be a great experience for me and I’m looking to hear from you soon. Thank you very much.

Work experience

Expo 2020

Served meals and drinks to customers with professionalism and skill, ensuring orders were received correctly and complaints were handled promptly. Resolved complaints from guests by listening to issues and notifying the restaurant manager.

RIU Hotels

Welcomed guests with a personable attitude and smile, offering to bring beverage orders while reviewing menu options. Served as backup for bartenders.

Freelance translator

Translated texts from English to Ukrainian and from Ukrainian to English. Helped people to overcome language barrier

Burger King

Used cash registers and POS systems to request and record customer orders and compute bills. Supported other areas of the restaurant in set up, clean-up, prep work and equipment maintenance. Communicated effectively with kitchen staff regarding customer allergies, dietary needs and other special requests. Kept tables neat by clearing away dirty dishes, wiping down surfaces and refreshing glasses or beverages.

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Valeria V.

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