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Education Secondary-special Cook and Food Technologist


About candidate

Good day, my name is Pavel, I’m 29. I’m Ukrainian. I lived in the small town of Rubezhnoye in the east of my country. Unfortunately the war has deprived me from my home, but not the positive mood and desire for self-development. During my childhood, I was found of cuisine and every time I was trying to help my grandma in the kitchen. So my audition let me graduate in 2018 from Rubezhnoye college and I received a diploma in Chef and Food technologist. Along with my studies, I practiced and work at the local cafe as an assistant cook. A year later I had to do my country and went to work in Russia at the Mercury hotel there I was working as a cook in a hot shop. Year and a half later I decided to develop and take care of my skills and went to work in a United Area of Emirates in Dubai. There I was working in the nightclub and restaurant, called Muscovites. I practiced there with my European, Italian and a little bit of Russian cuisine. My total experience is more than four years. I’m a quick learner and can do any work. So in my life I have a few rules but one of them is “Think first, after do” and here what I tell you I do not like to sit still. I’m fond of cycling and tourism. I enjoy to work in a big team, especially for the kitchen. And after all, what can be more pleasant than doing what you love? And the kitchen is something I like so much!

Work experience

Hot Shop Cook

Preparation of hot dishes of European, Russian and Italian cuisines, cooking for staff, compiling a holiday menu, buffets, etc.

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Pavlo H.

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