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Lviv Polytechnic National University
Faculty of Management


About candidate

Hello, my name is Alex, and I’m 21. I studied at Lviv Polytechnic National University in the faculty of management and also, talking about my traits, I can define myself as a goal-oriented, empathetic, clever, and practic person. I volunteered a lot on educational projects, and I was a team leader in a nonprofit organization for a year. Also, talking about my skills. In addition, I have a big work experience in different spheres. So I broke it down into several parts. The first field is sales. So I have worked as a sales manager in an IT company, SMM companies, and agen,cies in sales of training on chatbots. Therefore, I’m good at finding a common language with potential and existing clients. Also, I work as a receptionist at a three-star hotel in Egypt. The second field is education. I have been teaching English for four years, and I worked as an English teacher in private schools, but now I’m a self-employed private tutor for adults. And the last sphere is an organization of events. As a volunteer, I participated in various projects, but I also worked as a trainee and development manager in one of the biggest companies in the world “Nestle”. Where I was responsible for the organization of the training for the workers of this company. Now I am an owner of an online clothes shop where I talk to my clients every day and try to meet the best standards of excellence, chatting with them. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that I am ready for new challenges in my life and it will be a great pleasure to work abroad and expand my knowledge. So thank you for your attention!

Work experience

Clother shop
Training And Development Trainee
June 2019-September 2019

As an intern in the Training And Development Department, I was part of the HR department and organized training for employees. Actively created meetings in Outlook and worked with large databases in Excel. I also gained a lot of experience in communicating with people of different levels or positions.

Customer Support
February 2019-April 2019

It was two months of paid training on domain and hosting specifics. My responsibilities included communicating with clients in chat rooms (English only) and finding solutions. problems.Taught endurance, and resilience, and developed customer care skills.

Private School
English Teacher
June 2018-June 2018

Teaching children in the camp English by a special method using different engines, videos and more. Experience in communicating with children and, of course, adults — parents and other teachers.

IT and SMM company
Sales Manager
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Oleksandra D.

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