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Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
September 2016



About candidate

Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Kseniia. So let’s go meet with us. So you know that I am Kseniia, a Ukrainian student. And now I study at Zagreb University. I am a geologist now. But I want to work on different subjects and different stuff. Now I really want to find some dream job, you know, my work. And I have some experience in my country. I worked as a barista so I can make very good coffee and I know how to prepare some very good espresso and latte, and cappuccino. What do you like? But ok, not matter. So to be honest I really like the sphere of the barista and administrator. I worked as an administrator in my country for two months. But now I find new work and new experiences and new adventures. So I very much hope that you understand me and you can try to find me a work which is similar to my character because I am very charismatic, I think, I hope. I am a very sociable and friendly person. And now all summer and maybe part of autumn I want to work in Croatia because Croatia is a very good, very beautiful country. I like Croatia. It’s very similar to mine. For example, some legends about witches and about historical creation. It’s very cool, I am very like this. For my experience I had some experience, I worked as a barista and made different stuffed coffee for 1,5 years. And I had experience working as an administrator at a city hotel for 1,5 years. And I worked as a pizzaiola and made pizza. Domino’s Pizza, you know about this? Because it’s very popular stuff in other countries. I worked here for 1 month. It’s not long, but I Had my education in my faculty in my country in Ukraine and, you know, so it’s not long, but I can make some stuff and know some secrets about making a good pizza. So I very much hope, my history is not very interesting, I know. I am a geologist, I am an archaeologist. It’s not major but I think you have a good mood now and you want to speak with me about different stuff. And have a nice day. Nice to meet you. And I think I very much hope we continue this discussion maybe in future.

Work experience

Ukrainian Geological Survey
Geological Survey
December 2021-February 2022

ensuring the subsoil use activity, preparing conclusions for issuing (extending the validity, making changes, expanding boundaries, etc.) of special permits for subsoil use on the basis of the results of processing geological materials, audit for collisions between current special permits for subsoil use and new applications, maintenance of the database "Special Permits Issued", maintenance of the database "Applications for special permits", provision of information on requests for issued special permits and the status of consideration of applications for special permits, processing of applications and stock materials for objects offered for sale at auctions, calculation of the costs of a special permits, launch of the Subsoil Use Cabinet, construction of overview maps, situational plans and contours of objects in the ArcGIS program using Pulkovo - 42 and WGS-84 coordinate systems.

Tutor Earth Science and History
Tutor Earth Science and History
June 2021-February 2022

digitization, multimization, time management, online classes (Zoom, GooglMeet), offline classes (hiking, field trips), wrking with PC Microsoft Winows, Google Docs, Google Class, Microsoft Office Copywriting / Rewriting.

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Oksana B.

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