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Hello!nMy name is Nelli Ashrapova. I`m from Kyiv, Ukraine. I`m 41 years old. I have devoted a great part of my life to the art of choreography, along with sports development, discipline, perseverance, and a desire to always achieve a goal. To become a professional, I studied at Kyiv State College of Circus and variety art. Then got a master’s degree at Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. After graduation, I worked as a dancer-choreographer and teacher at art company A6 in Kyiv, Ukraine. After that my big adventure began. For 7 years I worked with AIDA Cruises a German-based company and Princess Cruises USA based company, which allowed me to see a huge number of countries and discover our amazing world. My experience with international companies has not only allowed me to improve my English but has also taught me to work with representatives of different nationalities and cultures to understand, appreciate and work on creating the best service for our clientele. After my work with cruise companies, I came back to Kyiv to work with A6 Excellence Dance School. Since 2016 I have been the director of A6 Excellence, where I have overseen more than 120 students, faculty, and administrative staff. My duties included the development of an annual work plan, recruitment of school staff, price policy, and management of the financial activity of the school. Study of the competitive environment and promotion of the school in the entertainment market. As well as the organization of all kinds of activities and training. I`m fluent in Ukrainian and Russian. I`m very close to fluent English, and I’m constantly working to improve it. Recently I also started to study Spanish. I`m familiar with programs such as Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word, and photo and video editors. I’m a quick learner. Im excellent at prioritizing tasks and delegation and know how to use the resources, and I have to their fullest potential. I’m a very responsible worker and always try to find the best solutions in any kind of situation that life gives me. I would be happy to collaborate with you. Thank you!

Work experience

A6 Excellence

Organization of the work process, planning the work of the school for the school year, selection and hiring of qualified teachers and school staff, participation in the formation of the pricing policy of the school, analysis of the competitive environment, advertising and school promotion, communication with parents of students and resolving workers' and conflicts issues, organization and control of the financial part of the school, organization and control over the great creative events of the school, organization of field trainings.

Princess Cruises Lines. Santa Clarita, USA
Ballet Dancer
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Nelli A.

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