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Hello, my name is Mariia. I want to tell you a little part of my life. I am from Ukraine. I’m 34 years old. I have a daughter. She is 10 years old. For the last three months, I stayed at home and now I feel that I have a lot of power to have a new job. For the last seven years, I worked in a hotel restaurant complex. I was a receptionist. In the hotel where I worked, we had 30 rooms, and it was the best hotel in our city. It was very popular and a lot of famous people, live in our hotel like singers, actors, sportsmen and else. And that’s why I know the standards of clean lines and services in restaurants and hotels also. I know how to make the clients satisfied. I like my work because I can talk to people from all over the world. I like working hard. I can study very quickly. I’m kind and responsive. My hobby is drawing pictures. Thank you for your attention!

Work experience

Zdybank and Co., LLC
Restaurant administrator
July 2016-present

Organization and control of the restaurant; Creating the concept of the institution, and the introduction of the menu; Recruitment and training of staff; Material and technical equipment of the restaurant. Development of standards for restaurant staff; Analysis of staff work, work to improve the quality of guest service. Work with suppliers and buyers; Restaurant sales analytics; Development of marketing programs to attract and retain customers.

Zdybank and Co., LLC
Hotel administrator
November 2014-July 2016

Check-in/check-out procedures, informing guests about all room facilities, hotel services, assistance in organizing leisure activities, reception and distribution of incoming calls, personnel management, training of newcomers, scheduling, employee motivation, control workflow.

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Mariia V.

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