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My name is Ludmila, I am in my fifties. I have a large family, I have two children and four grandchildren, soon will be the fifth. We all live in Ukraine, but live separately. Since the first of May I have been here in Bulgaria. Many thanks to the Bulgarian people for being able to accept Ukrainian refugees. I am looking for a job. I have higher education. By education I am an engineer, a design technologist. I graduated from the Kiev Institute of Light Industry. I have eighteen years of teaching experience. I taught the younger generation, sometimes, working in vocational schools from the master of industrial training to the teacher, to the deputy director of educational production work. The work was interesting, creative, responsible, I really liked it. But, unfortunately, life takes its course. My husband opened a construction company, he needed a smart assistant, his own person, who would not let him down at any time. Of course, I went to work with my husband, it was a family business. I worked as deputy director of a construction company and was involved in absolutely everything. It was customs clearance of cargo, personnel matters, logistics matters, delivery of materials to facilities, control of work performed at the site, control measurements, well, that is, it is impossible to describe because it was a struggle for our work, responsibility, and very serious, necessary work. But my mother fell ill and I had to leave that job as well. For some time I took care of my mother, then I went to work, as I thought, a simple engineer and estimator. But, given my experience, my energy, I ended up with eighteen people under my command. Again, I taught them, showed them, told them, explained everything that I know how to do. Well, I guess it happens in life, that in any job I reach perfection. As an estimator I have my own certificate, my own personal seal, I now prepare estimates for the examination. But unfortunately, at the end of February, everyone knows that we have military action in Ukraine, so all work is stopped, and we are forced to look for both shelter and housing, and work. I, unfortunately, I don’t know English, yes, I studied it in school, I studied it in university, but I didn’t use to speak English in my life, so if I can make up some phrase in English, I won’t hear the answer. I won’t know what people say to me. That’s why I know only Russian and only Ukrainian. Therefore, I am looking for a job as a maid. I undoubtedly have hobbies like all people. In my free time, I can do many things. Playing computer games, and drawing something. It is very fashionable to paint by numbers. I can sew something. Well, that is, a variety. I have to meet my friends on weekends. That is, life is boiling, as they say.

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