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Hello, my name is Lada. I am 21 years old. And I live in Ukraine, in Lviv. And I’m looking for a job in the European Union. I have more than three years of experience in the restaurant business. I worked in five cafes, of different types. The first was PapaShon. Its a children’s cafe. And I worked there for one year as a waitress and sometimes as a barista. Responsibilities included taking orders, serving dishes and drinks, taking payments, cleaning tables, and also, serving blankets. After that, I worked in Kredens cafe. It’s a coffee shop that works in a style like McDonald’s. My job was called barista, but, actually, all the workers did all the work during the day by the turn. Responsibilities included opening and closing the shift, taking orders, taking payments, making hot and cold drinks, making sandwiches, yogurts, salads, washing dishes, and cleaning the kitchen, bar, and hall. And also, we current out inventories and we did general cleaning. And after that, I worked in a very popular cafe in Lviv. And it’s a very ancient cafe, called Cafe-confectionery, called Tsukernya. After that, I worked as a cashier and a shift manager in a modern cafe, called Salalat. They specialize in making pasta and salads. My responsibilities included opening and closing a cafe. I was responsible for all of the workers in a shift. All the financial transactions were my responsibility. I took orders by phone and also worked with Glovo. Its delivery. I also learned there working with the wine and making alcoholic cocktails. I can be a waitress. I can be a barista. I can be an assistant in a kitchen. So, I speak very well Ukrainian and Russian, and I speak English at an Intermediate level. And I have just started to learn Polish. Thanks for watching.

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PapaShon, Kredens, Tsukernya
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