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Good afternoon! My name is Kateryna. And welcome to our hotel! I am a 30 years Ukrainian. I have a huge experience of working abroad. I was working before in China, Mongolia, and Poland. My last job in Poland was close work with customers and clients. I worked with the clients from all Europe, received phone calls and emails, and provided them with all the necessary information about our services, registered their requests, booked the time necessary exactly in orders. Besides that, I was a person who was communicating between the client and a person who was executing an order during the whole process of work. At this work I also learned to solve the problems. Sometimes, when a problem happens, you have to be very calm, able to work under stress, and still be positive, provide the customers with the best solution to solve the problem in a timely manner and in the best way for the company. This is also very important for the receptionists work. Because there are situations when the receptionist has to take the situation, be calm, and solve the problem. Thats why I could be useful for your hotel. Besides that, I also speak Polish and Chinese. This is also very important, if there are some international clients who speak those languages. Also, my Russian is fluent. And Im learning Italian. For now, I still need to learn it, but Im already able to communicate in Italian. Which also can be a very great plus for your hotel. Thats why I really hope to hear from you again. And have a good day!

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Kateryna L.

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