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Hi there! My name is Ira, and I’m 28. I’m from a small city in the western part of Ukraine. I started my career in the tourism hospitality industry like 10 years ago. Today, from that little 18-year-old girl, I’ve become a true professional in my field. While I was studying at my university, by the way, I have a bachelor’s degree in tourism and the hospitality industry. I’d worked in Greece, and Crete Island for three summer seasons as an assistant waiter. From there I learned what hospitality is, and became interested to work with people. After that, I tried myself on the cruise liner at Royal Caribbean Cruise. It was an opportunity for me to learn how to work in a stressful and unusual environment for myself. When I passed my contract, I started my career in Ukraine, and for now, I really like what I do. As for my hobbies, I like sports and traveling almost as much as I love my job. And now I started to study the direction of marketing because it’s closely related to my work. My strengths are that I’m a team player. I know how to make a decision in stressful and unusual situations, how to deal with people, and how to work with them. My weakness is that I quickly get used to people, and it finds me difficult to let them go. So I’m really interested to learn something new, and I hope to see you soon. Thank you for your attention.

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Iryna D.

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