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Hello friends! My name is Zhenya, I’m Ukrainian, I’m living in Spain for three months. I study Spanish and speak a little. But I speak English. As I said my name is Zhenya. I’m 35 years old. I’m from Ukraine, Kyiv. And I came to Spain three months ago. Because in my country, as you know, the beginning of an awful war. That’s why I’m here. And I’m looking for a good job. And your proposal was the best I saw. So I want to tell you a short story about myself. I studied at the Kyiv Pedagogical University of Dragomanov. And when I was studying I went to America. And I worked there for about three months. By Work & Travel Company. Then I returned and I decided to have a job. So I went to the best restaurant we have in our city at that time. It was T.G.I. Fridays. There were a lot of funny stories. And lots of happy time I spent over there. After that, I was working in different Kyiv restaurants for about five years. And then I decided to be a bartender. And work in different nightclubs. So I worked in restaurants, also nightclubs for about seven years. It was not even in Ukraine. I was working in Georgia for about six months, I guess. And after that, I came back home and decided to start a new point in my life. A new book, I guess. And I went to the Dominos Company in Kyiv. In the office, call center. And I was working there for the first one year as just an operator. Then for two years, I was working there as a manager. And for the last year, I was working there as a general manager. And unfortunately, the war started, my sister and her two sons, and children, decided to go to Spain. And right now, I’m here. I’m looking for a good job. About documents, I have all the documents that I need here. Even a bank account. And I wish to work in your hotel And from my side, I will do everything I can. Cause I’m a very responsible person And I need only a good job And I need to work hard. And I promise you that right now it’s the only reason to stay here. That’s why my work will be very good. So, thank you for your time. I hope we will see each other very soon. Please give me the feedback as soon as you can. I’m waiting for you. Thank you!

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Dominos Company
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