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My name is Dariya Zaichenko. I’m 33 years old, and I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine. First of all, I was lucky to receive, it is better to say, to pass the English speaking course in Edinburgh, in Scotland when I was 19 years old. It’s a good addition to my CV. After it, I graduated from Kyiv University as a Russian-English interpreter. Talking about my background experience. I was working in different spheres. The first stage was the Ukrainian company in Kyiv, Rung, I was working there for three years as an English teacher for personnel pilots, avionics, technicians, something like that. After three years I was promoted, and they proposed me a job. I got the great opportunity to work with the US government at the military base in Afghanistan for two years in Kabul and one year in Chandigarh. First of all, of course, I took the position of Russian-English interpreter because they hired Ukrainian technicians for using the MI17 helicopters, and they need somebody who was going to help them with communication, so they used my linguistic skills. They didn’t need me every day as an interpreter, and they tried to combine my position with HR assistance. And I decided to change the sphere, but not the position. It was IT. So this time I was trying to hide looking for cyber security guys, and this company was in Austria. And the next stage was also the HR manager in Ukraine Kyiv. This time it was a media, so I was doing the TV host, producer, and cameraman. This company was like a TV shop, it sold jewellery. And the last position, I was the tour guide in Chornobyl, the exclusion zone. And if it didn’t stop, if the war didn’t happen in my country, I think I’m gonna keep on working there. I like to work with people. I like to work with foreigners, was fond of terminology about MPP radiation, and history, get rid of the office work and get strange to the radiation, but I was fond of this. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and contact me and we’ll discuss it.

Work experience

Trips to Chornobyl
Tour Guide

Search for new information on the Exclusion Zone. Excursion planning. Study of technical terminology. Payment and accounts for tours and accommodation. Translator (RUS - ENG).

TV shop Jewelry
Recruiter, Personal Assistant

Search for TV presenters and other employees, preparation of castings. Assistance in the work of the office, ensuring operation the office. Administrative support of the head: carry out assignments, handling his current and everyday issues.

Meyuva Human Resources

Finding and attracting qualified applicants for open positions, review resumes, focusing on skills matching up best to the requirements at hand and interview candidates until they find just what an employer is looking for.

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Daryia Z.

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