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University of Bologna


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Hi, my name is Aseniia. I’m 22 years old. I came from Ukraine. I have a master’s degree student at the University of Bologna with work experience in a touristic agency and a positive attitude in life. So during my bachelor’s in Ukraine, I was a top student at the University Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University. And my academic success offered me lots of experience. Firstly I participated in the Erasmus Plus program in Turkey when I started my international career getting along with internationals and I really enjoyed it. And secondly, I continued my current education in Italy. So my university career I also connect with work experience. My mom led the touristic agency for the tour, and I helped her with the business. I was organizing tours for our clients, and I was managing zero stays in hotels. Moreover, I was even leading touristic groups for internationals willing to come and visit Kyiv. Also, I worked in an education company, where I was a content creator and also journalist. My work experience was as an English teacher in ASAP school. Also meanwhile, while working and studying, I was also volunteering. Three last years, when I was in Ukraine, I was mentoring freshmen students, I was helping them to solve any problems appearing with their new paths in the university. Also, I was a member of the Sydney Parliament, and there we helped in solving questions about the study process, administrative funds, and a pretty much diverse range of help. Also, I was a camp leader, and I was volunteering for one month in the Carpathian Mountains. My responsibility was taking care of certain kids pretty intense, but I really liked it. And I get along with people easily. I really enjoy being helpful as you saw, all your team. All of my working and volunteering and study experience. In my free time, I enjoy learning Italian, playing guitar, playing piano, reading books, and meeting new people, especially internationals now, because Bologna is really well known for internationals. I would be happy to join an offline workers team and I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for taking your time and see you soon.

Work experience

Travel Consultant

Organizing vacations for our clients, managing them online during their stay in hotels, solving any issues which might appear. Leading touristic groups in Kyiv.

Content Creator

Creating content for Facebook and Instagram pages and writing long articles dedicated to the topics in humanities.


Teaching English to adults and teens

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Dariia-Aseniia K.

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