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Greek A1


International Humanitarian Univetsity
Faculty of Philology and Translation, Bachelor



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Hello, My name is Anna Tsanich, I am a 35 years old translator from Odessa, Ukraine. I graduated from International Humanitarian University in Odessa as an interpreter, translator and philologist. With a fluent speaking of several foreign languages. That is English, Spanish, Polish, Serbian, and of course, Ukrainian and Russian. Besides, I speak basic Greek, because currently, I live in Greece. I started my work experience at Via Face Global Visa company, In collaboration with the general consulate of Poland, in Odessa, where I did a lot of translation jobs and worked as a visa referent, and a little bit of an office manager. At the same time I practiced my extra activities, like journalism, creative writing, and literary translation at the Polish cultural center, in Odessa, where I worked for a long time as a cultural animator. Later it helped me to move to Poland and work at Bio Nano Park. It is a huge structure, in the city of Lodz, that deals with business analytics and financial analytics. I worked at its company Hallmark LLC as a translator and office manager for ten years. Later I moved to Serbia for family affairs, but there I worked from home as a journalist, as a journalist, critic, reviewer, proofreader, and vice editor-in-chief of two Polish magazines on art and culture. This experience also was for more than ten years. I also practice my writing, I published a book, a novel, which was translated into several languages, and which is a bestseller in Croatia. And is going to be published in the United States. So, I do it from home, from time to time as a freelancer, a lot of translation work, also proofreading work. Now I’m looking for an official job in Greece, something else with foreign languages. Thank you very much for your attention. Goodbye.

Work experience

"Moja Przestrzen Kultury" and "Dziennik Teatralny"

Reading press releases, researching articles, establishing and maintaining contacts, interviewing sources, writing, editing and submitting articles. Work with translations.

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Anna Ts.

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