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Hello, my name is Lyudmila. I am 56 years old. I am from Ukraine from Vinitsa. My professional activity is full of skills, and experience in several business areas. My career path began in the field of trade, as I have a trade diploma in accounting by education. In the 90s I worked as a senior salesman. Then, when there was a reorganization of enterprises and new vacancies formed, I was offered the position of administrator on the trading floor. It was a good experience that I could open my own business and entrepreneurship. I had several boutiques, that is, outlets selling non-food product groups, namely the gift category of the assortment. And these are souvenirs, dishes, jewelry, decor, paintings, and other goods of a similar segment. Since the salespeople worked in retail outlets, I had time to consider a few more lines of business. I had a car rental company, economy class cars for residents of Ukraine and for residents of other countries who come to Ukraine. In recent years, I have turned my attention to tourism. Working in a travel agency, I traveled a lot, and this direction brought me joy, pleasure, and, of course, financial stability. Because of the war in Ukraine, there is no opportunity to develop such a business, so I am looking for a job. I am sure that I will cope with any task set before me, given my skills and professional experience. I am sociable, friendly, stress-resistant, hardworking, and ready to compromise. I know how to make decisions and bear responsibility for them. I know how to work in a team. I am responsible and attentive. My English is at an Elementary level, but I am always ready to learn and master new skills. Thank you!

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